ceiling light and outdoor light fixture

How much does a light installation cost ?

We offer basic light installation services and replace at a low cost starting at $40. Give your home a new sense of brightness and warmth by changing interior and exterior light fixtures. To get a free estimate or to obtain more information fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly or for faster service simply call us at 201-362-4177.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Type We Install & Repair

  • Recessed Lighting Installation
  • Pendant light Installation
  • Drop Ceiling Light Installation
  • Fan with Light Installation
  • Art Deco Light Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining  Light Fixture Installation
  • Modern, Retro, Rustic Light Fixtures Installation
  • Ikea Light Fixture Assembly & Installation
  • Vanity Light Installation
  • Overhead Light Installation
  • Garage Light Fixture Mount Installation
  • Ceiling Light Installation
  • Flush & Semi Flush Light Installation
  • Hallway Light Installation
  • Island Light Installation
  • Floor Light Installation
  • Troffer Light Fixture Installation
  • Wall Sconces Lamp Installation
  • Accent Lighting Installation
  • Christmas Light Installation
  • Home Depot Light Fixture Installation
  • Foyer Light Installation
  • Fluorescent Light Installation
  • Porch Light Installation
  • Light Outlet Installation
  • Light Fixture Installation Troubleshooting
  • Chandelier Installation.
  • Lamp Shades Replacement
  • Bulbs Replacement
  • Light Dimmer Installation
  • Light Fixture Ballast, T8, T12 Bulb Installation / Replacement
  • Wood Light Fixture Installation
  • Retractable Light Installation
  • Can Light Installation
  • European Light Installation
  • Exit Sign Installation
  • Emergency Light Installation.
  • Motion Sensor Light Installation.
  • Desk Light Installation
  • Hampton Bay, Cooper, Hunter light Installation
  • Front Door Light Installation
  • Deck Light Installation
  • Halo Recessed Light Installation
  • Lowes Light Fixture Installation
  • Light Insulation Cover Installation
  • Bathroom fan Light Installation
  • Track Light Installation
  • LED Light Installation
  • Exterior Light Fixture Installation
  • Antique Light Installation
  • Shower light Installation
  • Pull Chain Light Installation
  • Keyless Light Installation
  • Halogen Light Installation

Tip To Choose The Right Light Bulb

On average there more than 50 bulbs required to illuminate a house. Most of them use old fashion bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs require a lot of energy to produce light increasing the kilowatt-hour (KWh) of use with less hours of life. Replacing at least the most frequently used light fixture bulbs with energy efficient products will help you reduce your electrical billing costs.

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) and Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs reduce the KWh used on their life span, reducing the cost of your electrical bill by more than 75% as compared with incandescent bulbs, helping you save more than $60 per bulb in energy costs over their life. Think long-term, energy efficient bulbs last up to 10 times more compared to traditional bulbs and can pay for themselves in 6 months.

*The prices to hang or mount a ceiling or wall light fixture may vary depending on the quantity, quality and complexity of the project.