baby crawling on to stairs and baby opening a kitchen drawer

Need Help Childproofing Your Home?

It’s a new brave world and as soon as your baby start crawling he/she will start exploring their surroundings. Protect your bundle of joy and childproof bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, stairs and windows. Create a safe place by baby-proofing your home and let us help you keep your toddler safe. We offer childproofing gadget installation services at a low price with flat rates and local promotions. here is a basic checklist to start with.


  • Cabinet door magnetic locks
  • Corner and edge guards
  • Blind cord wind ups
  • Drawer locks
  • doorknob covers
  • Handle locks
  • Electrical outlets and power strip covers
  • Finger pinch guards
  • Furniture and TV straps
  • Fridge and microwave locks
  • Garbage can locks
  • Stair baby gates
  • Stove Knob covers
  • Oven door locks
  • Toilet locks
  • Window guards

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